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Healthcare Collections

Our attorneys and staff at Chaplin & Gonet know the challenges faced by hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers in Virginia when trying to collect on accounts receivable.  Inevitably, accounts go unpaid and the need to collect unpaid fees arise in any medical practice. Often, patients come from all parts of Virginia to seek a specific treatment by a doctor or hospital.  These types of medical practices need a healthcare collections firm with the knowledge, experience and resources to pursue delinquent accounts all over Virginia.

Many local attorneys who do collections work limit their practice to a specific locality, like Richmond or Fairfax, but at Chaplin & Gonet our attorneys and staff deal constantly with claims from Roanoke to Newport News.  This enables us to file a Warrant in Debt, litigate a claim, and pursue collection action on your healthcare claims, no matter where the debtor resides.  Contact us today to learn more about how Chaplin & Gonet can save you both time and money.  Do not let delinquent accounts slip through the cracks, put our attorneys and collection representatives to work for your office or institution today.

Watch a short video about our Healthcare Collections practice below:


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