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Chaplin & Gonet’s success in subrogation flows from the competent collection department and skilled trial lawyers that all make up the firm.  Chaplin & Gonet’s collection department currently maintains a team subrogation attorneys, collection specialists, legal assistants, and clerks. We utilize state-of-the-art computer software tailored specifically for the collection of subrogation debts. A large staff, the right technology, and more than fifty years of subrogation and collections experience enable us to efficiently manage a large volume caseload throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

What Types Of Subrogation Does Chaplin & Gonet Practice?

The years of experience serving insurance companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic has provided the opportunity to litigate and collect on many types subrogation claims.  Chaplin & Gonet litigates and collects the following types of subrogation claims:

If your company faces any of the above-mentioned subrogation you can contact the office of Chaplin & Gonet today for your free consultation.  Our subrogation attorneys and professionals understand the needs and goals of insurance companies large and small.  Feel free to view our short promotional video below to learn more about what makes Chaplin & Gonet special among insurance defense and subrogation firms:

Why Not Use Our Defense Firm For Subrogation?

Traditionally, many insurance carriers would enlist the use of their insurance defense firm to litigate and collect on subrogation claims.  However, over time many insurance carriers realized that their subrogation claims were not getting the same attention as the defense cases where the attorneys billed by the hour.  Over time many insurance companies have turned to dedicated subrogation firms, like Chaplin & Gonet, to handle and collect upon their subrogation claims.  Here at Chaplin & Gonet we have invested in the manpower and infrastructure to handle litigating and collecting upon subrogation claims all over the Mid-Atlantic.  Unlike most insurance defense firms, we have a team of dedicated, experienced debt collectors who take over the claims once we have obtained a judgment.  Since we operate on a contingency fee basis, our interest in successfully litigating and collecting on subrogation claims dovetails with our clients.  Put simply, our success is our clients’ success.  Contact us today to learn why national and regional carriers alike trust their subrogation claims with Chaplin & Gonet.


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