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Consumer Debt Collection

Pursuing consumer claims can present distinct legal challenges. At Chaplin & Gonet, our practice allows us to routinely handle consumer claims, individually or in bulk.  We help businesses large and small collect on the consumer account receivables throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our debt collection attorneys and debt collection specialists are highly trained, educated and regularly updated on legal developments, court cases and the language and requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  We spend countless hours every day recovering consumer claims prior to litigation. When legal recourse is needed or desired, we can file suit, unlike debt collection agencies.  At Chaplin & Gonet, our resources allow us to pursue debts in throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  Contact our office today to learn more about how Chaplin & Gonet can recover money owed you or your business.

We extend our services to national and local credit card issuers, debt buyers, banks, law firms, contractors, doctors and other healthcare practitioners, and clients in a multitude of other fields. Our team is trained in the most effective collection methods. Chaplin & Gonet utilizes the best skip-tracing practices, including a wide array of skip tracing tools. However, at Chaplin & Gonet we strive to resolve claims without resorting to litigation if at all possible.  Our collection specialists work with debtors to establish payment plans and other methods of settlement that are fair and reasonable.  However, since Chaplin & Gonet has a team of dedicated attorneys, if a debtor proves uncooperative or refuses to pay, litigation can be initiated immediately.

Contact the law offices today to learn why Chaplin & Gonet is the premier consumer debt collection firm in the Mid-Atlantic region.