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Commercial Collections

Commercial claims present unique obstacles aside from those presented by consumer debt claims.  If your business seeks the collection of a commercial debt anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region, contact Chaplin & Gonet today. Whether the claim involves the sale of goods, a lease agreement, or services rendered, we can resolve claims through negotiation, or litigation, if necessary.  We represent clients in all industries, seeking collections on all balance sizes, and handle commercial debt claims through pre-trial through to appellate-level litigation.

Chaplin & Gonet recognizes that commercial claims can be complex and require specialized knowledge to handle correctly. Our trained collection specialists are equipped with years of experience and the best of today’s debt collection technology.  Our first priority is an amicable resolution of the balance, which preserves our clients’ business relationships and saves them the cost and time of litigation. Chaplin & Gonet is the Mid-Atlantic leader in maintaining professional, congenial relations with business debtors where at all possible.  Our commercial collectors are familiar with UCC guidelines and trained to quickly pinpoint issues, simplify them, and find a solution.

At Chaplin & Gonet we pride ourselves on the synergy between our attorneys and commercial collection specialists.  Our experienced commercial debt collection attorneys conduct in-depth legal research and asset-liability analysis to determine suit-worthiness in the event that voluntary payment is not forthcoming. Upon determining that amicable resolution is not possible, Chaplin & Gonet provides a comprehensive recommendation that equips our clients for an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with a lawsuit.

Whether you have an outstanding debt from a small business or need a law firm to collect from a multi-national corporation with Mid-Atlantic contacts, Chaplin & Gonet has you covered.  Contact our offices today to learn why we are the premier Mid-Atlantic commercial debt collection firm.