Healthcare Collection FAQs

Why Do I Need a Healthcare Collections Attorney?

The pursuit of delinquent accounts constitutes an inefficient use of time and personnel in the medical professional’s office. Your primary focus is on providing medical care to your patients. Your medical office is not set up to handle collections efficiently because it is not equipped with the technology and trained personnel necessary to do volume collection work.  At Chaplin & Gonet, we have dedicated collection specialists who are trained to handle healthcare collection claims.  They work closely with our attorneys who can file suit on non-paying accounts and bring the legal system to bear on the client’s behalf.  Contact our office today to learn how Chaplin & Gonet can help your medical practice run more efficiently, letting you and your staff get back to worrying about medical care, not medical bills.

Why Not Use a Traditional Debt Collection Agency?

A traditional collection agency is not an effective solution for medical professionals.  Because they are not licensed to practice law, collection agencies cannot garnish, levy, or conduct debtor interrogatories on behalf of their clients. Traditional collection agencies can only threaten legal action and by the time they return the file to the medical office to have an attorney file suit, the claim has often become too old to collect.  Medical professionals not only need debt collectors servicing their medical collections claims, but also trained, experienced healthcare collections attorneys.  For more information on how Chaplin & Gonet can help free up both time and money for your medical practice contact us today for a free consultation.