There are many advantages to enlisting the help of a debt collection law practice, like Chaplin & Gonet, to assist your business with the collection of past due accounts.  Debt collection agencies focus on the pre-judgment collection of debts.  This can sometimes result in the collection of a past due debt, but often court proceedings are required.  If a debt collection cannot collect on a debt they refer the claim to a law firm.  This ultimately costs the consumer, you, more money.  By using a debt collection law firm you save money and time.  If a debtor refuses to pay or denies liability our trained paralegals and collection specialists can immediately file a Warrant in Debt and begin legal proceedings against the debtor.  Often, these claims are handled on a contingency basis so there is little or no up front cost.

What Types of Collection Claims Does Chaplin & Gonet Handle?

The law firm of Chaplin & Gonet handles many types of debt collection matters.  Our experience and expertise is brought to bear on behalf of our clients in pursuit of the best returns possible.  We help clients with debts arising from contracts and promissory notes, accounts receivable, commissions, loans, taxes, professional fees, and personal injury awards.  Our staff of experienced debt collection attorneys and collection specialists can: file judgments against debtors, domesticate foreign judgments, create post-judgment liens and garnish wages.  

Chaplin & Gonet has been helping Virginia businesses recoup losses for decades, contact us today for your free consultation and learn how we can put our experience to work for your business.