collection attorney
Are you looking for a Virginia collection attorney?  If you have no past exposure to the debt collection process it can seem overwhelming, at best.  In Virginia, there are many specific steps to collecting on past due debts and judgments.  Chaplin & Gonet has been the trusted Virginia collection attorney of businesses large and small.  Also, we serve as a Virginia collection attorney for retail debt collection.  For example, if an individual wins a judgment against another party or business.
What attributes should you look for in a Virginia collection attorney?  There are many attributes one should look for in a Virginia collection attorney.  Many attributes are the same as other types of attorneys.  However, a few are unique to Virginia collection attorneys.

  • Experience – this seems like a “no brainer” but there are many unique laws and procedures observed and employed by a Virginia collection attorney that other attorneys may not be familiar with.  Chaplin & Gonet has been helping Virginia businesses and individuals pursue debts and overdue accounts for nearly thirty years.
  • Dynamism – when considering the choice of a Virginia collection attorney dynamism is a prime concern.  For instance, is your attorney able or willing to travel to a court outside of your metro area?  Can they handle litigation needs if a pre-judgment claim is contested?  At Chaplin & Gonet, we have the experience and ability to handle your collection claims whether they are post-judgment or pre-judgment.  Also, although we are located in Richmond, Virginia, we regularly travel to courts all over the state on behalf of clients.
  • Customer Service – our friendly, experienced, and competent support staff strive for excellence in client satisfaction.  We pursue client satisfaction through clear communications and collaborative goal setting.

If you or your business is looking for a Virginia Collection attorney please contact our office today.  We look forward to hearing from you.