Debt Collection in Virginia

virginia subrogation attorneyMany Virginia business owners or employees tasked with tracking delinquent accounts run into the problem of the account far past due and ask themselves “what now?”  The debt collection process in Virginia is unique and this post seeks to give a brief overview for those Virginia business owners faced with tackling debt collection.
First, most debts are accrued under a contract, whether it be for the financing of a car, purchase of goods or services, or medical care.  The controlling contract should have provisions governing what happens if an account is overdue.  For instance, imposing late fees, accelerating the rest of what’s owed, or any other remedies under the contract.  Often, it is beneficial for the creditor to reach out to the debtor to ascertain the debtor’s situation and seek to set-up payment arrangements if the entire amount owed cannot be made at present.  Unfortunately, this all takes time.  Debt collection is a time consuming, and often frustrating, process.  At Chaplin & Gonet we have a team of experienced, courteous debt collection representatives who can manage your past due accounts.  This leaves our clients with more time to concentrate on building their business and keeping their clients happy.
If working with the debtor to set-up payment arrangements does not work, then legal action is usually the next step.  This debt collection practice is, of course, one that is most preferably done by an experienced debt collection attorney.  At Chaplin & Gonet our experienced litigation and collection attorneys regularly appear in court all over Virginia and can handle virtually any debt collection matter.  In Virginia, one usually files a Warrant in Debt in General District Court to assert the accrual of debt and allege that it is owed under a contract.  This step of the debt collection process will oftentimes lead to the debtor contacting our office and setting-up payment arrangements.  However, sometimes the matter goes forward and a trial is required.  Having a team of experienced debt collection attorneys on your side is crucial at this juncture.  The attorneys at Chaplin & Gonet are all experienced litigators that know the law and will strive to represent your interests with zeal in court.
If your business is in need of collecting on past due accounts call our office today to speak to a representative about making Chaplin & Gonet part of your debt collection team.